Deployable Power

A sustainable choice for sites in need of a short-term energy source

Reliable and green deployable power solutions are becoming increasingly important at times, where emissions, noise and CO2 are on top of the agenda. Therefore, several applications use the opportunity offered by H3-5000 – which in contrast to traditional power solutions, operates with clean energy in line with the Green agenda.

An example is telecom towers at greenfield sites. Here no grid infrastructure is available for several months after installation, and a site therefore often relies on short-term power solutions.

In contrast to sites established decades ago, the respect and awareness of nearby surroundings and population at a green field site is typically significantly higher. For this purpose H3-5000 offers a great solution. Noise-reduced, no harmful emissions and reduced CO2 with up to 75 % running on traditional methanol and 100 % running on green methanol.

The deployable solution is a full turn key power solution. It includes all elements needed to deploy and operate genset. For example, the deployable cabinet can easily go on a trailer and be mounted on shelve structures, as it includes tank, batteries etc. needed for operation.

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