Critical Power & Backup

SerEnergy H3-5000 excels at challenging power applications that rely on self-maintenance and remote monitoring

For critical power and back-up, the SerEnergy methanol fuel system is perfect. This obviously goes for off-grid installations in remote sites, but in a grid-connected site, renewable energy system also offers all the economic advantages of a traditional grid-tied system like net metering and combines them with the energy independence and self-sufficiency of an off-grid system. The grid can be used as much or as little as desired, based on energy consumption needs and utility rates, because the combination of batteries and fuel cells, always provide power to loads if the grid goes down or if peak rate charges are too high.

Besides being a clean technology, it is critical to always know the state of backup systems and to be confident in their reliability. Always knowing the state of the system especially for systems which always need to start up in case of break downs, is absolutely critical. You get exactly that with H3-5000, which is self-maintaining and can be accessed remotely.

Stationary fuel cell systems also take up much less space in proportion to other clean energy technologies. The H3-5000 is recognised for being compact. This is a great benefit in high densely populated areas, where space scarce roof-tops, often small and difficult to access, are preferred installation locations. SerEnergy already has specialized experience from more than several hundreds roof-top installations, where we can meet the various requirements for noise reduction, roof load and footprint.

This means that you can provide 240 hours of 1 kW backup or 48 hours of 5 kW, with a system that fits within 1 m2 – including both equipment and fuel! Moreover, at your convenience, it can easily be extended to more hours.

Methanol Fuel Cell – providing Clean Power for Telecom Applications

Our solution is simple and reliable for on-demand power generation for communication networks. Take a look at this video to see why our solution is particularly fit for telecommunications.

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