Clean power for our customers

Our solutions provide back-up power, as well as temporary primary power or work in a hybrid system with other renewable sources such as solar and/or wind. Serving both current and future needs for power solutions, our methanol-fueled power system is a great match for the telecom industry. Other applications include residential, industrial and commercial where our systems provide an excellent alternative to diesel generators for back-up of services or powering equipment, where the use of grid power is challenging or not possible.

Since 2006, SerEnergy has deployed more than a thousand units globally. Below is a sample of our customer cases.

Substations back-up

Low space requirement can easily be achieved with SerEnergy H3-5000 Fuel cell module. Here you get up to 15kW and 220 kWh backup within a footprint  of 1x1m.

Power solutions

SerEnergy and UK Based Generator Power have joined forces in order to exploit increasing opportunities for providing power solutions into telecom, utility and industry.

EV-driven vehicles

With SerEnergy’s H3-5000 high voltage fuel cell, HiPower meets the demand for primary power supply to fast charging scooter stations.

Mini mGen – AGV use

Hipower uses H3-5000 for its “auto guide vehicle”. Mini mGen comes with wheels and motors, is powered by a methanol fuel cell, and can provide 5kW power, for home for anything.