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About Us

SerEnergy is a world-leading supplier of methanol-based fuel cell solutions. Throughout our history we have shipped and deployed hundreds of  units globally, making Serenergy a leading player within methanol fuel cell technology. With a strong solution portfolio we are proud to serve our customers’ within telecom, utilities and other industry segments. Besides a strong solution portfolio, we have build up essential competences within all key elements of methanol fuel cell technology, development and production.

SerEnergy is headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark and has an international customer base and offices in India and the Philippines. SerEnergy is part of Advent Technologies Holdings. Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc. is a US corporation that develops, manufactures, and assembles critical components for fuel cells and advanced energy systems in the renewable energy sector. Advent is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with offices in the California and Europe.

Together, we strive to make a difference in and for the world by offering our commercial customers sustainable, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

SerEnergy timeline


Be the leading supplier of methanol fuel cells in telecom, utilities and industry


Provide the next generation of clean, efficient and cost-effective methanol fuel cells systems

Core Strategy

Horizontal supplier of technology, systems and solutions for commercial service providers and operators within the telecom business, utility and industrial segments

Management of Advent Technologies

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SerEnergy is owned by Advent Technologies Holdings Inc. For insights into their Executive Management and Board of Directors, please go to: 

Management of SerEnergy

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Morten Hougaard Sørensen

Research & Development Director

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Preben Rasmussen

Operations Director

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Joseph Abbott Kristensen

Finance & Administration Director


SerEnergy has been certified by ISO 9001:2015 since 2017.

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SerEnergy’s Association Memberships

We are proud to partake in a number of local and international networks and associations. The associations to which we connect have either the purpose of bringing together business and/or promoting fuel cells as a green alternative.